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  1. The College Library will remain open on all days from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm except on Sundays and Public holidays.
  2. Identity cards are required for entry to the library.
  3.  Students at the UG level will be issued three books and the faculty members ten books respectively.
  4.  If a book is overdue beyond one month the fine will be Rs.1/- (as per G.O) per day till the date of return of the book(s).
  5.  All the books borrowed from the library and other dues must be settled before the end of the Programme. No dues certificate must be obtained from the librarian.
  6.  Rules and regulations of the library have to be strictly followed.
  7.  All information related to the library and learning resources can be accessed from
  8. Borrowers will be held responsible for any damage caused to a book. When a book is issued to a member it is presumed that it is in good condition, unless otherwise pointed out. If a book is damaged or lost by a member, he/she will have to replace it or pay the cost of the book at the current rates with fine.
  9.  All the books must be returned to the Library before the closing of each term, or at the time of sending the applications for the End Semester/ University Examinations.
  10.  Keep footwear out of the Library.
  11. Observe complete silence in the Library.

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